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The journey to set you Free2bNatural starts here!!!  

If Interested in becoming a licensed natural hair care specialist?


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Full and Part-time Instructors Needed

Our Courses:

Natural Hair Care Specialist

Free2B Natural Hair Academy presents students with classroom theory, lectures and coaching in practical skills to prepare them for licensure in the field of Natural Hair Care.  The course will consist of 300 hours of instruction in theory and practical application. FOR TUITION INFORMATION CLICK HERE.

Coming Soon!!! Natural Hair Care Teacher-Instructor Trainee

National Board Test Prep Sessions


Our Mission

" To provide professional education and training in the field of Natural Hair Care Services that exceed our students' expectations. To offer a high level of experience, exposure and excellence for students to understand their value as well as the value of their chosen industry toward entrepreneurship."

Our Vision

"To educate, train and cultivate students in the art of Natural Hair care to advance the craft as an innovative lifestyle choice and to add value to communities one entrepreneur at a time."

"What was your motivation to specialize in natural, chemical free hair?"

"I have always been drawn to natural hair. It wasn't even intentional. Braiding, locs, twists, and curls weren't the focus in the program I completed; however, no matter how much I tried to fight it, natural hair was my niche.

 - Jasmine

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